Biograd na moru

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Biogad na moru

Useful information

To help you to better orientate in the city of Biograd na moru, we have prepared a few descriptions and maps where you can find some of the most important institutions and facilities. To some of them we have aded a  few important tips and instructions.

Doctors and pharmacies

Biograd na moru has a clinic that is open 24 hours a day (Dom zdravlja). On the ground floor on the right side of the clinic is a  medical ambulance for tourists. In the vicinity there are 2 pharmacies. In Biograd is also located a orthopedic hospital. In the city center there are several pharmacies. In case of  any serious injury or illness, doctors will refer you to the hospital in Zadar. If you need help from the dentist, we recommend the dentist Mr. Ivan Babara, who works in Pakostane (recives also emergency cases at night).

Banks and ATM-s

Biograd na moru has several banks that primarily provide services to tourists to change foreign currency and in most cases by a favorable exchange rate and no commission charges. We recommend that you take with you your passport or ID card, especially if you change bills of greater value or dollars. If you have a bill of high value and do not want to change the whole amount, we recommend that you go to the bank at the end of the day when banks are able to chop up your bill. The banks can replace all convertible currencies, and the courses are usually prominent in the lit tables at the entrance or on the desk in a visible place. Differences in exchange rates between the banks can move in the cents, and sometime even in the tens.

Exchange offices and post office

Another place where you can change the money is the post office, which  is open from Monday till Friday evening, on Saturday only in the morning during the summer season, and on Sundays and holidays it is always closed. To change the currency you will need your passport. The post office charge a commision for this service which is featured on the exchange rate list. Here you can usually buy cheap cards and post stamps.

Exchange office – these are businesses subjects that are usually related to some other activity. The exchange offices can be found mainly in hotels, as well as in smaller facilities and travel agencies. Exchange offices also charge a commission or the commission is alredy included in their course, which is not favorable at the end. The main advantage of the exchange offices is thair working hours, because most of them are open from morning to late in the evening, and many of them are open on Sundays and holidays.

Gas stations (benzinska postaja ili benzinska pumpa)

In the city you can find 3 gas stations – in the center near the ferry dock is a petrol station designed for boats and vehicles. At the main entrance of Biograd na moru is the gas station INA (INA-wide network of stations with PH), which is open during the day, and here it is possible to pump up your tires, buy gas and home heating oil. The payment is received by cash and all types of credit cards. On the road that leads from the main entrance to the city center, there is another gas station, also INA, which is working through the night. You can also pay by banking card, and international credit cards UTA / CCS.


Biograd has its own police station which is located in the city center, just a few meters from the traffic light in the direction of the beach Soline on the right side. If necessary, call an ambulance number 192, which will soon merge with the police in Zadar, or you can directly contact the police in Biograd – 00385/23/383 016.

Shops and markets

In Biograd na moru you will find many shops,  those with basic household necessities, and those specialized shops such as with equipment for sailing and fishing, as well as several supermarkets with a wide range of products at affordable prices. In the center of the town you will find a number of stores which are mainly oriented to the needs of tourists, such as souvenir shops, jewelry shops, pastry shops etc. In the center of Biograd, near the main station there is a market with a fish market, where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, bread or fish. The sellers are there every day, some even until late in the afternoon. A large lack of the market is that all sellers do not have stated prices, so you can bargin for lover prices, and you can pay only in cash in national currency, and by some in Euros. If you visit the market in Zadar (we recommend a visit to the fish market – just open in the morning) or in Šibenik, you will be pleasantly surprised by the orderly furnishing market and the prices are highlighted in nationl currency HRK.